Welcome to the Rutgers-Newark 
Writing Program

The Writing Program offers a unified writing
curriculum designed to develop students’
critical thinking, reading, and writing skills,
core skills that provide the foundation for
students’ academic careers.


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  • Student and Writing Instructor work on drafting essay

  • Writing Instructor Asses Student Essay

  • Writing Instructor Reviews Student Drafting Steps in Class

  • Writing Instructor leads class discussion of argumentative writing techniques.

  • Writing Instructor writes critique of final student essay.

The Writing Program

The Writing Program at Rutgers-Newark

Writing Program courses focus on reading and writing as interconnected processes that are central to academic inquiry. All courses in the unified writing curriculum are insistently text-based courses, where the readings provide the occasions for the writing experiences. Students receive instruction and experience in analyzing concepts in individual works, exploring connections between works, and developing independent ideas while synthesizing multiple sources in analytical, argumentative writing assignments.

Writing Program courses are process-oriented, skills-based courses that encourage students to engage ideas, language, and texts with intellectual curiosity. Through class discussions, low-stakes exercises, and high-stakes writing assignments, students broaden their understanding of what constitutes text and develop their ability to read academic texts critically and analytically, to discuss them knowledgeably and articulately, and to write about them thoughtfully, analytically, and coherently. Students also develop independent voices while they learn to connect their ideas to those of others through effective research.

Writing Program instructors work closely with their students, and the Writing Program provides additional instruction and support to our diverse student body through tutoring, workshops, and intensive courses.